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CIS integrated management system Training with Brookstone Consultants.

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What is an integrated management system?

An integrated management system combines multiple management system standards to which an organization is registered. The management systems are developed, implemented, and maintained via one system with processes that cover each standard’s requirements.

There has been an increased demand for integrated management systems in recent years. Organizations are beginning to recognize how these systems enable improvement across various facets of the business. For organizations seeking continual improvement and efficiency as well as ensuring the security of their information, the question is: Why implement two different systems when one can meet both requirements?

Benefits of integrated management systems

Integrated management system allows Climax to identify and address various and different kinds of risks to our systems: financial, strategic, competitor, security, safety, environmental, and others. All the while ensuring continual improvement of the organization. This approach enables organizations to meet the needs of its stakeholders and to adjust to the changing needs through systematic, planned changes. 

Integrated management systems have proved to be more cost effective in the long run. There are cost savings in implementation, training, and auditing. Why pay for two or three different system audits to meet the requirements of each standard, when an integrated audit can assess the common requirements of each standard at the same time? These include competence, control of documented information, and system measurement and analysis. For system users, the benefits include objectives that align with the integrated policy, reduced duplication of effort, and no conflict in management’s expectations with respect to each policy. This makes our system more efficient, effective, and progressive. It also makes the system more flexible and adaptive to the changing context of the industry and needs of relevant interested parties.

CIS Integrated management system helps management optimize resources and streamline processes as well as helps us meet the following:
• Curb conflicting objectives
• Eliminate conflicting responsibilities and relationships
• Improve internal and external communication
• Harmonizes practices for each standard
• Unify business focus to maintain objectives and goals
• Maintain a customer focus .