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Computed Radiography Testing (CRT)

Computed Radiography Testing (CRT) is the digital replacement of conventional x-ray film radiography and offers enormous advantages for inspection tasks. CRT uses phosphor imaging plate. Instead of x-ray film, an imaging plate is exposed to x-ray or gamma radiation, digitized by the scanner and then erased for immediate reuse. The digital image is then displayed on a computer monitor for evaluation with specialized software.

The use of consumables is virtually eliminated and the time to produce an image is drastically shortened. The advantages include:

  • Imaging plates are reusable.
  • No dark room or chemicals needed.
  • Reduction in exposure and processing time.
  • Software-based evaluation and reporting.
  • Simple digital information exchange and archiving.

Furthermore, more details are visible and analyzable with computed radiography due to a higher dynamic range when compared to film.
Other advantages over film include a more simplified workflow, a safer working environment for operators and a more environmentally-friendly-chemical-free process.



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